Calling & Vocation Mentoring

You have a special assignment from God.

Calling & Vocation Mentoring is one of the culminating experiences we offer to train people to live into who God has called them to be. In this course we want to help you discover that your whole life is one call from God. We want you to know and name that call, and to build a plan to live into it every day at ever-increasing depth.

To do this we use a curriculum called Younique gospel-centered life design. The video at left gives you a snapshot of what it’s all about.

Around Wellspring, everything we do is designed to help you life our four Life Rhythms (gather for worship, be a blessing, be a student, be a friend) at ever-increasing depths to help you live as a disciple of Jesus on mission.  Our first two courses — Welcome Home and Life on Mission — are about introducing you to the missional lifestyle.  They help you explore what it means to live life as a follower of Jesus in general.

Calling & Vocation is about helping you to uncover and name what it means for you to follow Jesus uniquely.  It’s about discovering how you are uniquely wired to be a representation of Jesus on earth today.  It’s about interpreting your life’s story to see God’s hand throughout the whole thing, guiding you into who you’re called to be.  And it’s about training you in intentional practices that will help you be more productive in your calling and more fulfilled in your daily life.

For our Calling & Vocation mentoring program, we us the Younique curriculum.  Younique is divided into two “journeys”.  Journey 1 helps you uncover and name your personal call and values by mining out identity from 18 different assessments.  Journey 2 helps you to develop a picture of where God is taking you by helping you define what success means for you, as well as clarifying the physical and relational spaces you’re called to occupy on a regular basis. 

Each Journey was originally designed to be completed over 12 weekly sessions.  In partnership with Younique, we have adapted the curriculum to deliver each Journey over the course of one full weekend.  So that ends up being two full weekends (Friday 6-9pm; Saturday 9a-4pm; Sunday 4-6pm) a few weeks apart, with a little homework and personal coaching before and after each Journey.  Once you’ve articulated your God-given identity, and painted a picture of where God is taking you; we offer 6 coaching sessions every other week in a “90-day launch” to get you off on the right foot with your new plan.

The cost for the full process is $749.  This includes the Younique gospel-centered life design kit (including over $150 in personalized assessments), the two weekend accelerators (including lunches and food), and 90 days of follow up coaching after the accelerators.  Around Wellspring, we believe so much in helping our people unlock their unique calling that we cover the bulk of this cost in our church budget.

If you are not a part of Wellspring, and the process is cost-prohibitive, please inquire about a scholarship rate.

Our Next Calling & Vocation Cohort launches at the end of March 2023

Our next Calling & Vocation Cohort will take place Spring 2023. Journey 1 will be March 31-April2. Journey 2 will be April 21-23.  To sign up to participate, complete the form below. Once you complete the form below, we’ll assume you’re committed and we will order a Younique kit on your behalf.

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