Our gathering testifies to the fact that God has called us to walk together in Christ.

We gather each Sunday at 10:30am in-person at

111 S Alabama Ave – DeLand, 32724

between Howry and New York, catty-corner from the Public Library

We’re about Kingdom. Not Cookie-Cutter.

God rarely moves the same way twice. He’s always doing something new in his mission for total redemption.

The church is the still the Church in every age.

For over two millennia the Church of Jesus the Christ has endured trial and tribulation. Even in the face of a global pandemic, we testify to our unity in Christ by gathering however we are able. In this unique time, we are offering the option for the people of Wellspring to gather in-person for worship. Masks are available but not required. The Lord’s Supper will be administered using individual cups. We gather in joy as the people of God called to support and encourage one another as we all seek to walk the way of Jesus together.

Our worship service is a big family gathering.

When you worship with us in person we hope that you’ll find that our gathering feels a lot like getting together with family. Kids have a special lesson during the preached message, and they’re involved with the rest of the service alongside the adults. We’re rarely telling the kids to “shhhh” so their presence is known. We’ve got hot coffee (in disposable cups during COVID) and snacks on-hand. And we’ve usually got to quiet people down in order for the service to start and shoo them away to lock up long after the service has ended. Whether you’ve been attending church gatherings your entire life, or this is the very first time, we think you’ll feel comfortable joining in for as much or as little of the service as you’d like.

The typical worship gathering around Wellspring includes:

  • A general welcome and maybe a prayer
  • A few songs led from the front, you’re welcome to sing along with the words on the screen or remain silent in contemplation
  • A special Bible lesson for kids in a separate room from the adults
  • A spoken message drawn from the Bible and applied to how we’re trying to live our lives today
  • Another song and a time of praying together
  • A celebration of the Lord’s Supper, a ritual of receiving bread and wine that we believe connects us to the Body and Blood of Christ as a part of his forgiveness over us. There is no obligation or expectation that you participate in this ritual until it is a part of your genuine worship expression.