Be a Part of Wellspring

We are a people walking together.

Our goal around Wellspring is not to be a club where people are in or out. Our goal is to be a body, each person playing a part of a greater whole. As you find your role, you’ll discover more of who you were called to be.

Getting started is really pretty simple. It’s about taking up four “Life Rhythms” that we say make up the Wellspring way of life. These Rhythms are built from the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. They’re simple actions that can have a widespread effect on how you live your life in the world.

The Four Life Rhythms

Gather for worship. Get together with other followers of Jesus Christ to praise God for every good gift; to hear the Truth of God’s proclaimed Word; and to receive the life-giving Sacraments. This is the rhythm that drives all the others. Because, worship is more than ritual. To gather for worship is an honor and a duty.

For years the people of God weren’t able to approach God directly. They worked through priests and a complicated sacrificial system. In Jesus Christ we all have access to the God who made us and loved us. It’s an honor that we get to approach God directly in worship. And when you gather with other believers for worship, you are not the only one who benefits. When you gather with others for worship you encourage those with whom you gather as they seek to live out the Gospel-centered life they’ve been given. So it is a duty that you gather that others would receive this benefit.

Be a Blessing. On purpose reach out to someone else that God has put in your life with the intention of lightening their burden or brightening their world. In all that we do we lead with blessing. Because blessing is more than benevolence. Blessing others is the way that we empty ourselves to be more like Jesus that we might find unity in him.

When we seek to bless others we are saying that they are more important than us. We give of ourselves to lift them up. In this way we make ourselves less so that we might be less of the focus, and Christ can work through us to spread his Kingdom to those around us.

Be a student. Spend time each week connecting with God, especially by reading the Bible, so that God can open your mind to more of the redemption of the Kingdom that is all around you. Study keeps our minds in Christ. Because study is more than knowledge. Study is the means by which we are shaped and strengthened as we wait for the return of Jesus.

Jesus initiated a special Kingdom that spells the renewal of all things. We got a taste of this Kingdom while Jesus walked the earth, and we long for the Kingdom to come in fullness when he returns. In the meantime we study the ways of God in Christ that we might be shaped and strengthened as Kingdom people on earth today.

Be a friend. Connect with someone on purpose to enjoy life together and to learn in relationship more about who you’re called to be. Because friendship is more than fun. Relationships are the way that we discover more about who we are and who we’re called to be.

In relationship to others we learn more about ourselves to discover who God has created us to be as unique, one-of-a-kind individuals. And in relationship to others we find opportunities to fulfill the purpose we’ve been given to invest in others for the sake of making the world a better place.