Missional Communities

Connect in a Missional Community

Around Wellspring we say that “we are a people finding our home in Jesus and living God’s callings together”. If you’re committed to living this mission alongside other folks from around Wellspring, then you’re one of us. We’re in this together. In order to support one another well along the journey we’re walking together, we organize ourselves into missional communities.

A missional community is a group of 10-40 people who do everything a church does except Sunday morning. They gather, they serve together, and the discipleship one another. See below for Missional Communities that are currently gathering.

Families with Teens & Tweens // Current Focus: Welcome Home

Core Team: Christy and Larry Correll-Hughes, Craig and Shari Dobyns
Sunday Afternoons or Evenings 

Contact the Core Team for More Information

8 + 8 =

Families with Young Kids // Current Focus: Gathering Young Families

Core Team: Jason & Casey Chavara, Jason and Elizabeth Godwin, Cory and Reagan Spaziani
Meets monthly on Saturdays  10:00 AM

Contact the Core Team for More Information

11 + 8 =

First Responders  // Current Focus: Curious Connection

Core Team: Melinda Lewis
Meets 2 times a month : 1st Sundays to pray for First Responders, and 3rd Saturdays to connect and fellowship.

Contact the Core Team for More Information

13 + 14 =

HME South Deland // Current Focus: Stay Curious

Core Team: Katie Haughwout and Lauren Sabo
2nd and 4th Sundays @4:00 pm

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