Annual Retreat

“…living God’s callings together.”

Our mission around Wellspring is “finding our home in Jesus and living God’s callings together.” Living God’s callings together requires intention and accountability. A part of cultivating personal intentionality and mutual accountability is setting rhythms around which we can anchor our lives together. One of those is our annual retreat.

For folks who have already been through Calling & Vocation mentoring, the annual retreat is an opportunity to reset personal vision with other folks who have already declared their personal mission and values.

The goal with the annual retreat is to carve out time together to reflect on what God has done in our lives over the past year and to prayerfully set our intentions for the year ahead. When we do this together it can be a unifying and edifying experience that reminds us that “we’re in this together”. We’ll have time for connection, time for prayer, and time for declaring what we hear God saying over ourselves and one another.

Folks who participated in last year’s annual retreat determined that we wanted to have the retreat (1) as early as possible in the year, and (2) start on Friday night and go through Saturday. So we’ve reserved a gathering space at the El Caribe resort in Daytona for Friday and Saturday.

On Friday we’ll get together for dinner out before having a short devotional time on the beach or in the room at the resort. On Saturday we’ll use tools from Younique to focus on prayerfully resetting our personal visions to anchor our hearts in God’s callings over our lives for the coming year.

For folks who will stay at the hotel on Friday night, you’ll book your own room. This cost should be in the range of $120 per room. There ought to be a few singles, so you might coordinate sharing rooms.

Wellspring is subsidizing the cost of the gathering space, but we’re asking for a $75 registration fee to help cover the balance of the cost of the gathering space and food (refreshments and lunch) on Saturday.

We’ll do dinner out on Friday night, likely on separate checks.

Meet us on the Beach!

This year’s annual retreat is January 7th & 8th, 2022

Location: El Caribe Resort & Conference Center

Friday the 7th
6:30pm – Dinner out together
8:00pm – Reflective worship & devotion
9:00pm – Hang out

Saturday the 8th
8:00am – hang out and breakfast
10:00am – Younique Annual Retreating content (part 1)
12:00pm – Lunch
12:45pm – Younique Annual Retreating content (part 2)
4:30pm – CONCLUDE

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