We are a people finding
our home in Jesus, and living God’s callings together.


We gather for worship in-person and online Sundays at 10am




We’re about People.
Not Prospects.

True community welcomes the whole person. We want to know you, not just recruit you.

Our Story

Wellspring began as a group of people meeting in a home to share meals and study the Bible. We started meeting together for public worship in February of 2015. Since then we have celebrated and grieved together. We’ve experienced victory and we’ve experienced loss. And we’re more hopeful than ever about what it looks like to be the people of God on mission together.

We gather for Christian worship at 10am. We gather in various outside of Sunday throughout the year to celebrate together, to learn together, and to explore what it means to care for each other as we each seek to live out who God has called us to be in our daily lives.

We’re about Commitment. Not Convenience.

Strong communities aren’t built overnight. We do hard things for the sake of relationship.

Interview: Uncomfortable Worship

In the conversation below, Jacob and Katie talk about lessons they learned as they engaged in worship on the international missions field. Then they talk about how those lessons could help us figure out how to worship in the uncomfortable situation of the coronavirus...

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