Hi y’all, I’m Casey Chavara… mama to three little kids, ages 4 and under; wife to Jason; but more importantly, I’m a princess. It’s hard for me, a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl to think of myself as a princess, but if God is THE King and I am his beloved daughter, then yep, I’m a princess.

I stay at home with Joel, Perry and Macks so you can usually find me with peanut butter on my sleeve instead of jewels, but the knowledge that my identity is first in what God says about me grounds me each day. I grew up attending a Lutheran church in Jacksonville, FL. I loved Sundays and Wednesdays at church, but my faith didn’t spread out into the rest of my week until I got to high school. Jesus became real to me in a new, personal way through the mission of Young Life.

If you’re not familiar with Young Life, it’s an outreach ministry that trains up volunteer leaders to go be WITH teenagers. To go into middle and high schools, just like Jesus would have done and walk with them through life. My Young Life leaders showed me what full life with Jesus looked like and I knew from there that I wanted nothing less.

In college, I was a volunteer Young Life leader and my faith grew like never before. There’s something about the privilege of giving your life away for the sake of others that made me lean on Jesus in a new way. From college, I went on Young Life Staff and met my husband. Since we were married in 2009, we’ve lived in Florida, North Carolina and back to Florida again and welcomed our 3 little ones along the way.

When we moved to DeLand in 2015, finding a church we could call home was at the top of our list. We visited Wellspring Church and not only could we call this church home, but it felt like home. The cozy atmosphere, the genuine people and the warm coffee yielded to us planting our feet at Wellspring. Jason and I still work for Young Life (well, he does… I fly under the radar as a rogue minister of the Gospel) and have devoted this season of our lives to God’s mission to unbelievers. I love that Wellspring understands the call on our lives because it’s the same call God has put on the church… to live a life on mission. To me, that means sharing our lives with our church family and those who don’t know Jesus personally yet.

1 Thessalonians 2:8 says this, “ Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the Gospel of God, but our lives as well.” I hope that this verse sums up what Jason and I (and our kiddos) do… invite others into our lives in radical ways that they can’t help but have a meaningful confrontation with the God of the Universe. Their Creator. And learn their own identity as princes and princesses. Because if God is our Father and we know He IS the King, that makes us all princes and princesses. What would happen if we lived into that reality each day? I bet it would change everything!

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