Sunday Gatherings

We gather for Worship Sundays at 10am

Sundays are for the Family

If Wellspring is a “faith family”, then Sunday mornings are our family gatherings. We gather to worship God in song, receive revelation from his Word as recorded in the Holy Scriptures, to celebrate the Lord’s Supper together, and to come to God in prayer. As we do all these things we connect also with one another, sharing in celebrations and tribulations, supporting one another in joyful times and in struggles.

When you gather with the people of Wellspring you can expect a laid back atmosphere. We sit around dining tables or in comfy chairs. Different people bring treats and snacks that they’ve prepared, and the coffee is always plentiful.

Where do young people fit?

We’re a multi-generational family. Your whole crew is welcome throughout our worship gathering. If kids want to remain in the service for the duration of worship, we’re fine with that. For the little ones who need the gathering to be broken up a little bit, we’ve thought through different environments that are staffed with volunteers during the message time. This means the kids would start the worship service with the bigger family for an opening time of singing, split up into their environments during the spoken message, then return to the larger gathering for another song and the Lord’s Supper.

LITTLE ONES - Birth to 5 years

For kids under age 5 we’ve got a playroom trimmed out with with interactive toys. Our goal in the playroom is to help kids feel safe and for them to learn to play with others. We want gatherings of the church family to be at time that kids look forward to each week. Kids can draw on a giant sheet of paper, play with classic wooden toys, or work in their very own kitchen. From time to time we’ll show video programming designed specifically for their age group.

For the littlest ones we’ve got a private nursing station in the back of the facility which includes a rocking chair and changing table.

KIDS - Kindergarten to 5th grade

For elementary-aged kids we’ve got an environment we call “The Kids’ Table”. Our goal at The Kids’ Table is to teach kids to hear and interpret the story of the Bible. We want kids to engage with the story of God in such a way that they’re not simply told “answers” but are taught to listen thoughtfully for what God is telling them through each story. Around The Kids’ Table young ones hear classic Bible stories told in an engaging format with time left for kids to react.

TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS - Middle School and Older

Once young folks reach middle school, we expect that they’ll be a part of the gathering alongside the adult members of the Wellspring faith family. Our reasoning for this is that we believe it is a more effective way to raise up young disciples of Jesus. Research shows that young people who have adult Christian friends and who learn to participate in multi-generational worship gatherings remain in the Christian church more reliably into adult life than those who only ever participate in age-specific gatherings.

We also work closely with Young Life in the West Volusia area. Young Life is an international organization that does Christian outreach to young people in middle school, high school, and college by equipping leaders to form relationships with individual kids to encourage them and to share the Gospel within that context of relationship. If kids want an age-specific environment for faith formation we encourage them to get involved with Young Life in our area.