Who We Are

We like to say that Wellspring is a “a church that feels like home.” This is about more than just that fact that our gathering space is set up like a living and dining room. We hope that as you get to know folks around Wellspring Church, they’ll start to feel like family. We hope that you’ll find a place to call home and that you’ll be empowered for life on mission.

A Place to Call Home

At Wellspring we believe that we are a part of God’s family, seeking to build authentic relationships based on the principles of His Kingdom. For us, those Kingdom realities are focused on freedom to explore God’s truth and express yourself in worship; safety to fall without risking your place in the family; and power to leverage your unique gifts for the benefit of the family and for bringing hope to your community.

Life on Mission

The ultimate goal is that each one of us who call Wellspring home would be living our lives in such a way that the community around us is blessed by our presence. We believe we bless our community best when we begin to live life on mission. Life on mission is life oriented around Jesus Christ, fueled by his Holy Spirit. Life on mission is characterized by living life as a gift to be enjoyed and a calling to be honored. A life on mission is characterized by receiving the love of God with gratitude and giving it away with generosity. And it’s characterized by learning God’s Truth with curiosity and sharing it in humility.

How We Do It

We strive to give people a place to call home and empower them for a life on mission because we believe that’s what it takes to turn everyday, ordinary people into missionaries who are sent to change their communities with the power of the Kingdom. We’re serious about making sure that everyone who calls Wellspring home will be a missionary in their everyday life — at home, at work, and among their neighbors. We equip folks for this life by walking together through four processes:

Welcome Home Supper Series

Just as folks are beginning to call Wellspring home, we welcome them into the faith family with a series of meals that are hosted at the homes of folks who have been around Wellspring for a while. In this 6-week “Supper Series” we cover the basics of the Christian faith, talk a little about how Wellspring is set up, answer any questions people have about our church, and offer opportunities to take next steps of involvement within the faith family.

Life on Mission Boot Camp

Once folks are feeling comfortable calling Wellspring their church homes, and they’re finding themselves ready to center their life on Jesus, we ask them to take part in Life on Mission Boot Camp. Life on Mission is an 8-week course that we designed to help folks wrestle with what it means to live their whole life showing Jesus to a world that needs him. We believe that we can best display Jesus to family, co-workers, and friends when we on purpose pursue blessing others, connecting with others, and studying the gospels. In Life on Mission we discuss how this intentional life looks and we hold one another accountable to being the people Jesus called us to be. In the end we work together to establish ways to make Life on Mission not just an 8-week experiment, but a new way of living.

Calling & Vocation Mentoring Program

While most people typically see themselves as having a calling (a spiritual purpose for their lives) as well as a vocation (work that they do on a daily basis); we find that God often calls us to see our lives as a union or overlap of calling and vocation. Our third growth process helps folks to see their life as one calling, one vocation, one God-given purpose that includes tangible/relational work as well as spiritual/Kingdom impact. We walk folks through this process in 1-on-1 relationships or in small cohorts.

Go! Equipping & Sending

At Wellspring we believe that our ultimate goal is not to train individual people to grow our own programs or build our own house. Rather we exist to train missionaries who are ready to put their hands to the redemptive work of God’s Kingdom. Our ultimate goal is to see followers of Jesus living out their lives in service to people and communities beyond the four walls of our church building. So the final of our four growth processes involves equipping and sending individuals to pursue work that they are passionate about outside of our church. This could be work in our immediate geographical community. It could be church-planting in neighboring communities and beyond, or it could even be international missions work. Regardless of the expression, the goal is to give people the tools and support they need to pursue a ministry passion that God has given them.

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